Avison Young and UiPath partner to drive automation-powered real estate experiences

Avison Young and UiPath partner to drive automation-powered real estate experiences January 10, 2022

Global commercial real estate firm will deploy UiPath software robots to enhance technology stack and deliver superior employee and customer experiences

New York, Toronto and London – Avison Young, a technology-driven commercial real estate services firm  and UiPath (NYSE: PATH), a leading enterprise automation software company, today announced a partnership to deliver the real estate experience of the future. Avison Young will deploy UiPath enterprise automation software to increase the power of its predictive analytics and real estate data, providing brokers and client-facing professionals with faster, more valuable insights on properties to inform client solutions. The company will strategically deploy UiPath robots to staff to free them of routine, time-intensive tasks, with the long-term vision of providing one for every team member.

Avison Young is a leading firm that is seeing consistent growth driven by its use of intelligence platforms that provide clients with insight and advantage. To meet mounting demand and scale its business effectively, the company created a digital transformation strategy that gives staff the tools they need to focus on value-add work and superior client experiences. Central to the strategy is the development of in-house predictive analytics tools which allow teams to make more efficient, data-driven decisions.

To extend the power of these tools—and further free staff of manual tasks—Avison Young is using UiPath’s enterprise automation platform. UiPath robots will be used to support Avison Young’s entire technology stack, sourcing and gathering key commercial real estate data—including access to transportation, air quality, ceiling height, bike scores, and walk scores—faster and with more accuracy and cutting down on potential errors. This data then feeds Avison Young’s analytics platform, delivering insights that empower its sales staff to create bespoke solutions that meet client needs. UiPath was selected as Avison Young’s automation partner of choice for the power and scalability of its platform as well as UiPath’s integrations with other core tech solutions that Avison Young relies on such as Snowflake and Alteryx.

“We’re powered by people. Matching top talent with the best tech solutions has been a key differentiator for Avison Young and is essential to our ability to exceed client expectations by helping businesses, employees, and communities see the full potential of real estate,” said Mark Rose, Chair and CEO at Avison Young. “Our partnership with UiPath will take that commitment to the next level as we apply automaton to accelerate technology, data, and digital transformation. We are only in the early stages of our deployment and are already seeing the value UiPath automation will bring to our employees, our partners, and our customers.”

In addition to powering analytics, Avison Young plans to deploy UiPath robots to boost productivity by automating back-office tasks related to finance, accounting, property management, and other functions. Avison Young’s focus on investing in powerful technology solutions for its staff is a critical component of its strategy to boost employee satisfaction and retention during a period of extreme labor shortages and competitive talent wars.

UiPath also has selected Avison Young as a real estate partner for international real estate transactions, including in cities such as London and Toronto. The company plans to use Avison Young technology—powered by UiPath robots—to guide its global expansion.

“Avison Young’s vision is closely aligned with our own, which is to harness the power and potential of people by giving them the best available tools to make smart decisions, create an enjoyable workplace, and deliver more value in their roles,” said Ashim Gupta, Chief Financial Officer at UiPath. “With many industries facing extreme disruptions and a changing workforce, organizations like Avison Young that apply data and technology to maintain business continuity and achieve a competitive advantage are poised to succeed long-term. Along with being a strategic partner, Avison Young is a prime example of how to leverage automation to accelerate digital transformation.”

About Avison Young

Avison Young creates real economic, social, and environmental value, powered by people. As a private company, our clients collaborate with an empowered partner who is invested in their success. Our integrated talent realizes the full potential of real estate by using global intelligence platforms that provide clients with insights and advantage. Together, we can create healthy, productive workplaces for employees, cities that are centers for prosperity for their citizens, and built spaces and places that create a net benefit to the economy, the environment, and the community.

Avison Young is a 2021 winner of the Canada's Best Managed Companies Platinum Club designation, having retained its Best Managed designation for ten consecutive years.

About UiPath

UiPath has a vision to deliver the Fully Automated Enterprise™, one where companies use automation to unlock their greatest potential. UiPath offers an end-to-end platform for automation, combining the leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution with a full suite of capabilities that enable every organization to rapidly scale digital business operations.

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