Real estate services in Romania

Lease advisory

Covering various types of properties, commercial leases are drafted in different forms. For every lease, we do everything possible to add value for you. Bringing rents into line with the market, negotiating the right rent or helping you amend specific sections of a lease agreement, we are there to do everything possible. We have a comprehensive regional presence and our team of highly experienced specialists can offer you tailored advice on your industrial or office choices. Our team is aware of all the issues involved in leasing a property and this translates in a comprehensive and grounded in commercial reality as we know the market on a local and a national level.

Capital markets

We help our clients to make secure, long-term investment decisions so that they can make confident and informed decisions about the management of their real estate assets and capital. Advising on asset types ranging from a single property to nationwide portfolios, our expertise covers acquisitions, funding, cash-flow modelling and leaseback creation.


The dynamics of the commercial and residential property are rapidly changing and this calls for valuation advice in a responsive and dependable manner. A qualified valuer has knowledge about various industry sectors and regions, and possesses a solid understanding of a complex and diffuse market. You may need an assessment of your property’s value in order to keep your balance sheet up to date or you may be a lender, our valuation services team can help you. We can also offer our expertise on compulsory purchase, portfolio valuations and development viability advice. We tailor our advice to each type of property we value, taking into account your particular circumstances.

Facility management

We analyze your past needs, your current situation and your envisioned future so that we can successfully tailor a plan adapted to your needs. Our Facility Management team offers a wide range of integrated services for our clients: reception, security, cleaning services, gardening, 24/7 online support and technical support.